What To Do During Your Gap Year

If you know me at all, you know the one thing I want to do more than anything in the world, is travel. I’m about to graduate high school and I still have no idea what I wanna go to college for. So why do I need to go straight into college? I don’t. I’m choosing to take what’s called a “gap year”, which is basically what it says, you take a year between graduating high school and starting college. This will give me time to figure out what it is I want to do for the rest of my life and expose myself to other culture’s. It’s a win win situation in my opinion! Doing what I love to do while figuring out what I enjoy and want to do as a career.

I recently was doing a lot of research on volunteering abroad, and i found a program called IVHQ I’m currently planning on going to Bali with IVHQ in April to volunteer at a Turtle Conservation!! I’ve always had a love for animals- especially aquatic animals. And now this program is helping me make my dream come true! Basically with this program, you apply to whatever project you want to help with (in my case the turtle conservation), and choose where you want to travel to. Certain projects are limited to specific places though, so you have to work with them to figure out where you’re going and what you’re going to be doing while you’re there. And, you can choose the duration of your trip! While you’re at your destination, you can take time to yourself to go exploring, too, which I think is great. It’s benefitting the program and your own desires. You have to be 18 years old to go alone, but you can be a minor and still do it with a parent or guardian.

Another thing I’ll definitely be doing during my gap year, is photography. I’ve always been so into capturing moments and all the little details of nature, and I want my photography to actually go somewhere. Basically, during my gap year I’m going to pursue things I’ve always wanted to do and give them each a chance. Maybe if I’m lucky, I can make something out of it and turn it into a career. Then in that case I’ll know what to go into college for!

During your gap year, I personally think you should focus on yourself and what YOU want to do. Don’t let people pressure you into going straight to college for something you aren’t even sure you enjoy. Take some time and find out what it is you truly love to do, then do it. If you like to travel- do it. If you like helping other people- do it. Do whatever catches your interest, and follow your dreams for a whole year. If nothing comes out of it, at least you still got to experience those things.

Good luck guys! I’ll keep you updated on what I’ll be doing during my gap year. Let me know what ideas you might have!(:


Travel Hacks

Another summer post? YES! I’m absolutely in love with summer, you get to do so much fun stuff and not have to worry about school! Seems pretty nice to me. Today, I’m gonna tell you 10 life hacks for when you’re traveling to save you time, money, and space.

  1. Bring your own food on the plane or in the car with you, this will save you both time AND money
  2. Pack an extra bag for things you may buy so you aren’t trying to squeeze everything together to make it all fit- this could break things
  3. Bring a popup laundry hamper to keep your hotel room neat
  4. Bring a neck pillow for comfort, especially if you’re travelling by plane
  5. Roll your clothes rather than folding them, this will save space in your suitcase
  6. Put your jewelry in a pill case to avoid thinks getting lost or tangled
  7. Put necklaces through straws to prevent tangling
  8. Call your credit card company and let them know where you’re going
  9. Use cotton pads to avoid makeup breakage
  10. Bring a multicharge adapter


Hopefully some of these will help you on your trips this summer! Have fun and be safe!

Rehoboth Beach Travel Diary

Rehoboth Beach was a fun trip with my mom and sister. Unfortunately for my mom, only our first full day there we were swimming and she got a huge ocean fishing hook caught in her toe! To make it worse, the hook had a barb on it so we couldn’t just pull it out right then and there… 

We ended up going to the emergency room all dressed up in our bathing suits, and boy let me tell you, it was freezing. The doctor ended up pushing the hook all the way through her toe by cutting the skin on the other side, snipping the barb off (which flew into my face), and pulling it out. Luckily my mom didn’t end up needing stitches, but it bled a lot. The only part that hurt her she said was the numbing shots and the tetanus shot they gave her. As you probably guessed they put her on an antibiotic to keep the wound from getting an infection.

We went to the outlets shopping almost everyday, and walked around the cute little shops in town and on the boardwalk a couple of times. Most of the stores on the boardwalk have basically the same stuff, but it was still fun to walk around and look through them! I ended up blowing a lot of money on new school clothes, which I might end up showing you guys in a YouTube video. Most of the outlets had some really good deals which is great.

We woke up really early in the morning on our third day to watch the sunrise, which was absolutely beautiful. I got some great pictures, one of which is the photo for this post! I’ll post a few of the others on the other social media I have under Day As Casey! Later that day, the dolphins came out. There were so many of them it had to have been multiple pods coming together but I don’t know my dolphinology too well so maybe not haha. They got really close to shore at one point at they were there for a long time. To make the sight even better, a couple of them put on a show for us and started jumping out of the water!

On our last full day it was rainy so we hit the outlets again and went to play mini golf. I thought I was going to be so bad at it but I ended up kicking butt and winning! I even ended up getting a hole-in-one and may or may not have let out a little scream of excitement, making some strangers jump… The course was super cute, too. It was set up as a rainforest or jungle type theme with water and mist machines and everything. The way it was set up though, I tripped and fell about five times into the bushes trying to retrieve my ball from hitting it in the wrong place. Despite looking like I was drunk tripping all over the place and screaming, I had a great time.

The trip overall was fun and relaxing for all of us, even my mom. We went to Rehoboth last year, and I hope to go again next year!
-XOXO Casey